SWAGATA consortium consists of three comprehensive German Universities namely Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (UGOE), University of Cologne (UoC), and Heidelberg University (HU) and their partner universities in India. SWAGATA means ‘Welcome’ in Indian context. This project for mobility and collaboration within higher education and research builds on a well-balanced consortium with partners from India and Germany. All three German universities have long standing cooperation with India and are the member of German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH), New Delhi since 2012. DWIH promotes research and study activities among Indian Institutes of Higher Education and through its regular annual funding enables the DWIH consortium members to have more visibility in the Indian research landscape. The main objectives of SWAGATA:

  • ­The first and foremost objective is to implement the proposed mobility scheme with scholarship to Indian and German students and staff for a period at a higher education institution in Germany and India
  • Emphasize on special efforts to provide opportunities for women and vulnerable groups.
  • Strengthen the collaboration between the Germany and India through student and staff mobility, particularly focusing on the administrative staff exchange as well, i.e. staff from the international office, management board and library.
  • Contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth by improving academic skills and competencies which will prepare students and staff to assume leadership roles.
  • Promote alumni activities and collaboration with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH), New Delhi
  • Promote sustainability and future cooperation in research and innovation.

Through SWAGATA – Indo-German Exchange through Quality Education, Research & Networking project, we aim to contribute to the promotion of Indo-German dialogue and exchange in research and innovation between Germany and India and enhance political, cultural, educational, and economic links of Germany with India. It will enrich bilateral cooperation in education and research, thus providing important scientific and technological cooperation. This project places an emphasis on research and cooperation, establishing a collaborative framework for human resource development through training and upgrading the skills of junior faculty staff as well as the administrative staff at the international office and other central management units. SWAGATA will provide the scholarship for both German and Indian students and scientists to spend a mobility period in Germany and in India in a wide variety of academic fields at different levels of study (PhD and Staff only from Germany to India).

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