The SWAGATA Consortium will have the synergistic effect in promoting the Indo-German higher education and research landscape in India and Germany through the enhanced multilateral cooperation in HEI sector and assuring the quality of the mobility, while bringing the vast experience of the consortium members in India. In addition to ongoing joint activities of the consortium partners within the umbrella of DWIH consortium, SWAGATA will provide additional opportunities to explore join collaboration among the German and Indian partners. Furthermore, the possibilities for research cooperation between Indian and German partners are enhanced while respecting the thresholds of the project. In sum, the mobility flows are strategically chosen to support the overall objectives of the mobility scheme proposed in this project. Master and doctorate students, and academic and administrative staff that contribute to the overall topics of the SWAGATA project in research and cooperation from the partner universities in India. All the master students will have 5 months mobility duration in Germany, whereas most of the PhDs are planned for 6 months. PhD students selected will be able to do an exchange doctorate in Germany with the possibility of join supervision The project seeks to strengthen research and innovation while avoiding brain drain.
Academic staff / administrative staff will be able to travel for 1 month in order to participate in teaching activities or preparing joint projects and capacity building for administrators with responsible tasks related to internationalization in their institution that will give sustainability to future projects.

SWAGATA Consortium will take the advantage of the diverse existing program and infrastructures relevant to Indian context, where the grantees will benefited to have a integrated training and teaching program at those universities. This will enhance not only the cooperation with the Indian universities, but also among the German partners.

The impact can be summarized at an institutional level and at the larger scale the SWAGATA Consortium will:
­ enhanced international cooperation capacity of Indian universities: both German and Indian partners will share know-how and best practices on topics such as academic recognition, credit transfer, joint PhDs, mobility management in addition to study and research activities..
­ exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge among the partners from both India and Germany as a means of creating opportunities to better understand the roles of HEIs and enhance communication, collaboration, and cultural awareness;
­ promote the Indo-German Higher Education and research landscape in India and in Germany in order to enhance bilateral cooperation in education and research by facilitating scientific and technological cooperation, political, educational and economic links between Germany and India.
At an individual level the SWAGATA will contribute to:
­ enhance the capacity of university administration and collaboration with public/private sector in India;
­ reinforce the professional development of staff through the exchange of good practices in pedagogy and research and providing the best platform for developing joint projects, curriculum development and joint study programs.

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